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In mid-6th millennium BP, a revolutionary cultural and economic change

took place on our territory, called the “Neolithic revolution” (foundation

of permanent settlements, growing cultural plants and cattle farming,

production of ceramics, polished and bored tools). In Moravia, this

oldest agricultural civilization is called the Linear Pottery Culture. One of

the most important sites of that period is Vedrovice near Moravský

Krumlov; besides the settlement, one of the fi rst burial grounds

of the Linear Pottery Culture has been unearthed and researched there.

In 2006, the Moravian Museum bought one of the largest private collections

in this country, known even abroad, the collection of František Vildomec.

It contains many Europe-famous unique pieces from the period of the

Moravian Painted Ware Culture – the “Venus” from Hluboké Mašůvky, the

vase from Střelice, painted vessels, cultic objects. The Moravian Museum

transferred the collection of František Vildomec to the castle in Jevišovice

and created there a First republic private “museum in a museum”.

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