Moravské zemské muzeum
Národní muzeum

21. 9. 2010 – 10. 8. 2011







record Treasures of Moravia (.wmv)

The exhibition shows the historical and cultural context of the territory of Moravia. The phenomenon of Moravia is dealt with in a chronological line in a sophisticated museum presentation as well as in less traditional ways.

The exhibition shows life in Moravia from the prehistory (collection items of 800 000 years) through Middle Ages till modern times that present Moravia as a country of freedom, faith, science and arts. The contribution of the country to the national heritage is also outlined.

The Moravian Museum is the second largest and in the same time the second oldest museum institution in the Czech Republic. With its extensive collections (over 6 million items) it can be compared only to the National Museum Prague. Besides collecting, exhibiting and educational activities it is a top-level scientific institution ranking among research institutes financed by the Czech Ministry of Culture.

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